Simple Tips on How to Stay Positive

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Today I wanted to talk to you guys about how to stay positive! I know it sounds cheesy but I find that when I am positive it makes my days so much better. It's very easy to get in a negative mindset and I am totally guilty of it. Life is NOT easy, things get really messy and it only takes a second for me to spiral.  
Separately, I know in this blogging world, there is a lot of competition and it's easy to get jealous or just wonder 'why am I not doing as well as (INSERT PERSON HERE)?!' Here are a few of my favorite simple tips to try to stay happy!  

My coworkers once said to me "do you just wake up smiling?" (or something like that!) and my first thought was, well if I don't smile - I'll probably cry! When I smile more, it makes me happier in general! I am a pretty smiley person in general but here in New York if you smile at someone, they get freaked out! I don't care though - maybe you are the ONLY smile they saw that day.  Try smiling more today! 

I'm no Whitney Houston (my husband always says 'calm down Mariah' when I sing) but I l have always loved to sing and it makes me happy. Put on your favorite upbeat song and dance around your house. I love dance music too! It gets me pumped up. 

Wake up grateful
We all had those days where we are just NOT feeling it.  I totally get it.  So in that case, every morning I try to say one or two things I am grateful for and thank God for them. It starts your day out on a positive note which is what we want for a good day! 

Try not to complain
Sometimes I see lots of complaints on social media and it drives me a bit crazy! I am guilty of complaining too or whining :) Try to go one day without complaining, it will be a fun experiment and you will feel better I bet! 

Don't dwell on mistakes
I tend to do this a lot. I will drive myself crazy thinking of what I did wrong.  Literally something from years ago too - oh my! Yep, it's true guys! We have to accept that we are not perfect and it's okay. I mess up everyday! 

Help someone or be nice! 
It can be something simple like giving someone a little gift saying it reminded you of them or telling someone they look beautiful! Especially in the blogging community, I love leaving nice, genuine comments on peoples posts. There's too much negativity on YouTube so I like to combat it! In general, just be kind to people on a daily basis! 

I hope you all enjoy some of these simple tips on how to stay positive. I know it can get hard, especially on a bad day.   I don't want you guys to take this the wrong way, I am NOT sunshine and rainbows all day, everyday.  I want to keep it real with you.  I try my best to follow these tips right here and it definitely helps. I hope you guys have a great Thursday!! XOXO

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  1. Thank you.😊
    I thank GOD everyday, for another day.. EVERYDAY!!
    I agree it does make a huge difference, if you start your day off in a positive way.

    Thanks for sharing.
    😊😊😆😆😊😊 I smile alot & people ask me too, "what did I drink or take this morning?"... But I don'tdo either, lol...



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