Ruffle Bodysuit

So today was my VERY first time playing around with Lightroom editing on my photos and I must say I am totally hooked! At first, I didn't think how it could be worth it when there are so many photo editing apps but it is definitely is (it's $10 a month for the downloaded program).   I want to create some sort of recognizable photo filter for my Instagram photos and be more cohesive with my feed.  Or at least, attempt to! I watched tons of Lightroom tutorials and even learned how to create my own presets.  I had no idea what "presets" were for the longest time.  If you guys are interested, I can do a YouTube tutorial on it! 

Also, don't judge me for still posting summer content! I will eventually switch over to fall lol.  This ruffle bodysuit is under $20 but it's sold out so I am linking some other very similar options! The material  on it is thick and high quality. I also can't get enough of silk head scarves! I found tons of colors for only $3! 

Ruffle bodysuit here, and here // Shorts
Stud Flip Flops (valentino dupe!!)


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