Maxi Dress and Turban Headband: How to Make an Outfit Cool and Casual

I bought this cute pink bag a few years ago at Forever 21 but I think it looks a bit like a dupe for the insanely priced Chanel Vanity Bags! Just buy a weekender makeup bag and voila! Here are some ways to make your outfits look more cool, relaxed and casual:  

Pop on a Denim Jacket
I absolutely love putting denim jackets over dresses! It makes you go from dressy to casual chic.  I have about 4 different styles and washes of denim jackets.   I put one on anytime I want to dress down a look but still look cute.

Opt for Sandals With a Fun Detail
These glitter sandals are my favorite! I'm not big on heels so I like to wear sandals with a fun detail or intricate design like the pair I am wearing with chunky glitter.  I always get lots of compliments on these! 

Add a Turban Headband
Don't be afraid to put on one of these! They instantly make you look SO cute.  They are definitely a statement piece but there is something so cool about the turban headband! I have tons of them in different colors. I like wearing them on top of my hair instead of like a traditional headband to push back the hair. If you haven't noticed, I love headbands!! 

Cat Eye Shades
The little extra "wing" on these sunglasses adds a sweet detail to this look and compliments the maxi dress so well! Cat Eye Sunglasses will instantly give off chic vibes and they're very affordable! 

Pendant Necklace
A statement pendant necklace adds a pop to this look and completes the outfit! I also think it pairs well with the maxi dress (long dress + long necklace!) 

I hope you guys enjoy these little tips on how to make your outfit look instantly cute, cool and casual! It doesn't take more than a few accessories! Would you guys wear this style of headband? Comment below and let me know! 

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  1. This look gave a boho chic vibe! I love the sparkly sandals gave a nice touch to the entire outfit


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