How to Deal With Anxiety and Stress

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Today I wanted to talk to you about something we ALL deal with it and let's face it, it can really keep us from doing what we want to do in life.  It's a little thing called ANXIETY! Sometime's the pressures of life can really get to us.  I wanted to share with you guys some things that I do to combat anxiety and what helps me out when I feel like crawling into a hole or to help me not go to a really bad place!

1. Talk to someone you love.  Whether it be a coworker you can trust, your boyfriend, sister, husband, mom.  Talk to the person who always calms you down and makes you feel good! I also think seeing a therapist or counselor is a great option.  

2. Pray/Talk to Jesus! One of my favorite verses that mom always said is from 1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you" I think this verse is just so appropriate for this blog post.  There is no reason that we should have to carry around the heavy load by ourselves and we are not meant to! Cast your cares on Him, talk to God and tell him everything you're worried about and He will help to get you through it! I promise you, it will help! Jesus = peace!

3. Listen to Worship Music.  Singing worship music and really listening to the lyrics always helps to soothe me.  I like putting on Hillsong or Kari Jobe Pandora or pulling up a worship music playlist on YouTube.  

4. Go for a walk or exercise! Let's be real, I'm not much of a gym person but I do love some of the classes! Take a zumba class or go for a walk at your park! Dancing for an hour will get you moving and keep your mind off of everything.

5. Write it down.  Keep a journal and list all your worries. Then you can also write if theres a solution for any of them. You can also keep a prayer journal! 

6. Take a break. Maybe you have been working too hard and just need time away from it all! Everyone needs rest.  I find myself struggling with this too because I always like to be productive and on-the-go! Trust me, I find myself working till 12AM and I have literally fallen asleep at my work desk. You don't need a lavish vacation for 2 weeks.  Try going to the beach for the day or get a massage at the spa. Go get a manicure and pedicure! 

I hope you all find these anxiety relief tips helpful and know that whatever pain or stresses you are facing today, there is hope and help for you! God is there next you and with you through every anxiety attack and wants to help take away all your stress! Trust in Him and he will bring you peace! XOXO Love you guys!


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