Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best Beauty Buys

Because I am obsessed with makeup and beauty, I wanted to round up my favorite beauty buys from this years Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! It's a great time to try out different products or mini sizes and see if you love something!

1. Makeup Eraser Duo - My sister got me the Makeup Eraser for Christmas and it's SUCH a cool way to remove your makeup! I don't use this for eye makeup, just for face makeup. It also avoids waste and is more eco-friendly because you're not using 3 makeup wipes each night.  I go through makeup wipes soo quickly and it adds up! The only thing is I get lazy with washing it in the washer! 

2. Benefit Sizzlin' Best Sellers Set - I'm all about mini stuff! It gives me time to try a product and see if I really like it.  Hoola Bronzer is a staple bronzer for me, I think everyone needs to try it! It's not too cool or too orange toned. Also, the baby size of They're Real Mascara is SO much better than the full size!! Such a great set to try out some Benefit Products! 

3. T3 Hairdryer - Oh my goodness.  I've been really wanting to try out this hairdryer! I am always on the hunt for the best quality hairdryer and I hear this one is the best.  Yes, it's pricy but worth it in the long run because my cheap ones always crap out mid-use! It's also supposed to cut your drying time by 10-15 minutes which is a lifesaver if you have thick hair like I do!! 

4. Anastasia Lipgloss Set - I love the Anastasia Lipgloss formula! They're very opaque and not that clear kind of lipgloss that has no color. It reminds me of a better, less sticky version of MAC Lipglasses (I usto be obsessed with those).  I lost one of my full size ones on a trip and I was so upset. I may have to pick up this set to replace it.

5. MAC Look In a Box Saint No Angel Set - Such perfect nude shades! MAC Lipsticks are my absolutely favorite lippies of all time.  I own basically every nude shade they make.  The cupcake smell is THE best.  I really love the fact that these are baby versions and come with a coordinating sparkly lipglass! 

6. Mario Badescu The Icons Home & Away Set - I love Mario Badescu skincare products! From the simple packaging down to the natural ingredients.  His facial sprays are awesome and a must for a hot summer day.  They are also the key to make your foundation look less powdery! Love that this includes travel versions.  The Drying Lotion really works and dries out whiteheads for us acne prone girls! 

7. Glow Beauty Boosting Pillowcase - This pillowcase is infused with copper to to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Sounds like a miracle to me! It says you will see noticeable differences in your hair and skin after two weeks. I wish it came in king size! 

8. Skinny Dip Pink Marble Brush Set - I saw these makeup brushes in the store and couldn't stop staring at them.  I love all things marble (who doesn't?!) and these are so instagram-able! 

9. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick and Liner Set - I've been wanting to try Charlotte Tilbury makeup for the longest time but I could never bite the bullet.  There are two sets available and I really want the Hot Lips Nude Set that includes Kim K.W. Lipstick and Pillow Talk Liner! 

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