Helpful Tips for Small YouTube Beauty Gurus to Grow your Channel

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Today I wanted to do something different than what I normally post about and go a bit deeper than just talking about my outfits! Not maybe people know this but I have been on YouTube for a long time and I  have been really getting more serious about my channel in 2017.  I wanted to share some tips for smaller YouTube Beauty Gurus/Vloggers/Influencers that I have learned along the way but these also work for ANYONE who is trying to grow their channel! I think I will do a part two of this series because there is just so much great stuff to share! 

1. Don't be concerned with what everyone else is doing
A lot of times I get frustrated because I see other people growing REALLY fast and you can't help but wonder - why isn't that happened to me?! YouTube growth is not overnight!! It takes time, patience, dedication, money and perseverance.   I told myself to stop comparing myself to other people and only do as much as I could handle.  It's easy to get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing and uploading!

2. Upload content YOU would want to watch
Try to think to yourself, what videos do I personally like to watch? Chances are, other people want to see that kind of content as well! 

3. Ask your subscribers! 
It sounds so simple because it is! I love doing Twitter polls and asking my subscribers what THEY want to see more videos of! If you're overwhelmed with what content to film, shoot out 4 options and ask them what they would like to see. I was so surprised when I did this and got a response because I didn't expect anyone to respond lol! 

4. Consistent uploads
To be honest, it's really hard for me to make a consistent uploading schedule (IE: Monday, Wednesday and Friday) because I work full time and life takes over. This year I told myself I wanted to do 3x a week but lately I've noticed all I have been able to do is 2x a week.  If you can 3 a week, that's amazing!! But if all you can do is 2x a week - that's great as well! Don't stress yourself out but make sure you're at least getting up 2x a video a week. Your subscribers want to feel connected to you! I wish I could upload 4x a week - that's my dream goal!! 

5. Review your P.R.!
If you're a small YouTuber and a brand reaches out to you to try their product, make sure to review it on your blog or YouTube!! And this is not to say don't be honest in your review of the product, because I think you should tell your fans if you tried it and love it or don't love something.  All I am saying is if you put out a review of the product, the brand will notice you and possibly even repost you on social media which is huge when you're trying to grow! They may even send you more products to try.  When I first started out in 2012,  I made the mistake of just getting free product and not reviewing it - don't do this! (unless you are a huge YouTuber who receives TONS of P.R., then it's a different story!)

These are just a FEW of the tips I am sharing today for small Beauty YouTubers! I can definitely do more posts about YouTube Growth Tips like this if you guys enjoyed it! 

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