Hot Pink Cold Shoulder Ruffles

I could not be happier that it is Friday and we have a 3 day weekend ahead! I wore this pretty bright pink cold shoulder top to my friend and coworkers bridal shower last weekend.  It was a little bit colder so I opted for pants.  I love the little ruffle detailing and how flouncy the bottom is (if you're any taller than 5'7, I think it will be too short on you!) Also you will see me wearing these wedges ALL the time because they are literally the only comfortable "high" shoe for my flat feet!

And a little note about my hair styling! Lately, I have been loving showering, throwing my hair up in a bun overnight, air drying it and skipping the blow drier. I have SO much hair and it's thick as all can be so I just find that styling it when it's air dried saves me time and also keeps my hair from getting dried out! Then I will just brush through it and use my curling wand to make the curls you see in these photos!

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