Essence 'The Glow Must Go On' BeautyLab.NL Palette

Hi loves! I just made Trader Joe gingerbread cookies and I'm feeling so christmasy right about now! The bag said to leave them in for 16-20 minutes but ALWAYS remove your cookies before they tell you to for soft, delicious cookies and non-burnt ones.  My little baking tip of the day!

I went to ULTA the other day and I saw two Essence palettes that were not with the display - they were literally just chillin' on the shelf with no signage or anything.  Side note: I just checked the website and it says NEW! It's also being added to Essence permanent collection! I saw this, put it down, then picked it back up and thought hmm, this palette is really cute! I'm such a palette junkie so I had to add this baby to my collection. Also, that little sliver of a highlight? Pretty much the main reason I got it.  I've never seen a white/gold highlight like that at the drugstore!

So let's dive in! It looks like this palette is a collaboration. The front of the packaging "beauty blogger secrets" on the front and the inside potion says Serena from To be honest, I had never heard of her before.  Serena is a dutch beauty blogger/YouTuber.  I checked out her pages and she has over 230K subscribers on YouTube! I believe this is also one of the few drugstore beauty collabs I have seen, besides the ULTA/Miss Jen Fabulous palette.

This palette was $10.00 at ULTA and I had buy 2 get 1 free so I got the I <3 Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base and another Lash Princess Mascara (totally needed a backup of this!).   The packaging is moroccan inspired and has a cute shaped mirror on the inside.  It's super lightweight too!

It comes with 1  "Honey Glow Highlighter", 2 Eyeshadows "Cinnamon" and "Sandalwood" and a glowing bronzer.

BOTTOM: Essence Honey Glow
TOP: NARs Albatross

The Honey Glow Highlighter is seriously beautiful, you guys.  I was most excited for this and was no let down.  It's a white base with gold/yellow shine.  This color is my favorite shade of highlight.  I wore it today and couldn't stop looking at my highlight in the mirror! It's also a dupe for NARs Albatross which was one of my first thoughts when I saw it.  Honey Glow may be slightly more yellow.  Essence should totally make this into a permanent, full size highlighter!

The two eyeshadow shades are decent! They aren't the most pigmented (typical for mattes) but they're soft.  I wore 'Cinnamon' today for a light warm wash of color in my crease.  Sandalwood is a nice matte brown!  I really wish they didn't take up a spot in the palette for the brush - I would have loved another eyeshadow in there - maybe a shimmer.

BOTTOM 3: Each stripe swatched alone
TOP 2: All the colors swiped together 

The glowing bronzer is gorgeous! I actually wore it as a blush today and had a nice glow on my cheeks.  It's really soft with nice pigmentation.  You could also each "stripe" alone as highlighters or eyeshadows ! When you mix them together, you get a lovely rose gold color. This is supposed to be a dupe for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick but I have never tried that before! 

Overall, I think this palette is a great drugstore find and I love that it is a blogger collaboration.   Essence makes great quality products at an affordable price which I truly appreciate! The fact that there are TWO dupes in here for high end products makes it worth its weight alone! I would definitely pick up this palette if you see it at your ULTA store! xoxo

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