Monster Mash Halloween Nails

Over the past few days I've been watching Goosebumps Season 1 for the FIRST time! The only episode I had seen in my childhood was the one where the mask gets stuck on the girls face - seriously, we all know that one and it's still my fave.  Totally used to give me nightmares! I was more of a "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" girl, so I know all of those episodes better.  By the way, both of those shows were made in Canada #funfact.  Guys, I'm totally into Goosebumps.  Age 26 and I am actually surprised by the plot twists!

Since it's Halloween, I wanted to do a few different fun nail art looks because there are SO many fun designs to do! I'm calling this Monster Mash nails! I hope you guys enjoy these and try them out yourselves! October is the best month of the year for nail looks :)

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