Younique 3D False Fiber Mascara - does it work?

It's been way too long! I really do not like when I take off too much time in between blog posts and YouTube but sometimes life gets in the way! I feel like this particular product is a cult phenomenom that we have all heard about but wondered - does it honestly work? Is it just a scam? Are those Pinterest before and afters REALLY REAL!? I decided to try it for myself. Now I am going to be honest - my lashes are a bit biased because they're already long but who doesn't want their lashes to be insanely long? I, personally, want you to see these babies from a mile away.  I will admit I do not use this everyday because of all the steps but when I decide to not be lazy, I always LOVE the results! I believe they just came out with a new and improved version of this which I have yet to try.  This is the original formulation.

Watch my tutorial to learn how to apply Younique and also you can see my before and after.



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