alessandro Magic Stars Thermo Effect Polish

Hi guys! Today I am swatching alessandro Magic Stars Thermo Effect Nail Polish! There are 3 shades and these are pretty much the most fun colors ever! They change to a dark shade when you're cold and they go to a lighter shade when your body tempurature is hot! When you're "warm" or anywhere in between, the colors create a gradient.  It's like instant ombre nail art! Everyone is always amazed by these and asking me where you can buy them (these are exclusive to the alessandro website!) I also filmed a quick video on the color changing effect with hot and cold water - check it out on my Instagram (@kimberlymich)

"Cadillac" - A pretty dark purple! This is what it looks like when you're cold!

"Cadillac" goes Neon Pink - when you're hot!

Turquoise Sea - light "Tiffany's" Blue to a turquoise!

Magic Stars is available on
$7.00 each

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