Leopard Love

Hi guys! It's been SO long since I've done a blog post! I have been so focused on my YouTube Channel, I always tend to forget about my little fashion blog! I want to get back into my fashion posts this year! Today I wanted to share this adorable leopard moto jacket - how cute is this?! Leopard was a HUGE trend in 2019 and it also slid right on into 2020 as well! And also paired it all with this *Teddy Blake Purse! Their bags are gorgeous! This is definitely my more fancy, going out bag (even though I never go anywhere, let's be honest! #workfromhomelife). 

Tonight I made vegetarian sweet potato quesadillas for dinner, they were SO yummy!! Nick added some chicken to his but he loved them too! I really enjoy trying new recipes and I definitely am trying more plant based foods this year!!

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