Star Print Wrap Dress

Bag (similar) and HERE, HERE
Wedges (similar)

I am so sad that cherry blossom season is almost ending!!! This tree is my favorite, if you couldn't tell from my recent blog posts.  My sister-in-law Lauren bought this dress and ended up giving it to me! I think it's SO adorable with the star print! It also has a feminine "fluttery" sleeve.  She originally got hers from Forever 21 for about $15 but I couldn't find it on their website anymore.  I found the exact one here and also a lot of VERY similar options (see above).  

The wrap on the dress is super flattering on the waist and makes you look tiny! I really wanted to not wear a cami with it but I am a little bit on the modest side, so I opted to put one underneath.  It's not TOO revealing without one, so you can definitely get away without one. 

Last night I watched this old 90's movie with Tori Spelling called "Death of a Cheerleader" on Amazon Prime.  It was definitely a made-for-TV movie but I really liked it! It was based off a true story.  I recommend it if you guys are looking for a "thriller-lite" type of movie lol. 

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