Glitter Pink Valentine's Day Makeup Inspiration

Today I am sharing a Valentine's Day Makeup Look as a collaboration with my beautiful beauty blogger friends! I hope you will check out their Valentine's Day looks as well! Of course in typical "me" fashion, I had to incorporate glitter in here! This glitter that I used on my lid here is legit amazing and everyone needs to try it.  It honestly just makes everything pop and it is so easy to apply with some setting spray on a brush! I also knew I wanted to do something with a deep pink shade so the eyes stood out and screamed Valentine's Day colors.  

I was thinking about all my eyeshadow palettes and which would have this deep pink shade I was searching for.  I had an "A-HA!" moment and immediately remembered that my Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette had one.  The colors blended out like a dream and it reminded me WHY I loved Modern Renaissance in the first place (I got a little bit sick of it from overuse so I had put it away for awhile!)

I think this would be PERFECT for a date night out with your significant other because it is so pretty.  I could not stop looking at my eye makeup today! I can definitely do a YouTube video on this look if you guys are interested! It is actually pretty easy to do.  I am not sure what me and hubby are doing for Valentine's Day yet but I am positive that I will be wearing this exact makeup (might switch out the lippie to a more pink shade?!) wherever we go! 

Lid/Glitter Shade: Inglot Pure Pigment Eyeshadow in #115
Rest of my Eyes: Anastasia Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette (outer corner is Love Letter, crease is Raw Sienna)
Eyebrows: L'Oreal Brow Stylist Definer in Dark Brunette
Concealer: Catrice Liquid Camoflauge 'Light Natural'
Contour/Bronzer: Cargo Cosmetics Bronzer
Lipgloss: Black Radiance Brilliant Effects 'Romantic'

Here are my gorgeous beauty blogger friends Valentine's Day Looks: 


  1. Kim, you look gorgeous! This is such a pretty eye look and I am loving your top as well. So glad we could connect thanks to this collab!

  2. Pink is so your color, Kim! This look suits you so, so well 💕 I can't believe I still don't own Modern Renaissance BUT I did just pick up the new Wet N Wild palette that looks like a pretty good dupe. You're definitely getting me inspired to try it out!

  3. KIM! Im so obsess with this valentine's day look. Loving all the soft pink tones and those braids are also super cute. xoxo


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