Dusting it Out

Duster and Here // Tanktop and Here
Jeans (they're my favorite!) // Wedges (on sale HERE!)

Happy Friday ya'll (I'm sick of saying you guys haha!) These jeans are the best! They are so comfortable and flattering - they make your legs look tiny and they feel like jeggings!! I have them in every color and style.  I wanted to feature these infamous wedges one more time before fall is REALLY here, it's been so warm in New York! I found them on sale for under $30!! Definitely scoop them up because they'll make a reappearance next summer for sure.  I love how simple, cute yet easy this outfit is! 

The lighting was just perfect for these pictures, the sun was at the "golden hour" - my favorite time to take blog photos! My husband always says he doesn't see a dime from his blog photographer job lol! 

Have you guys seen all the beauty giveaways I am doing this week on YouTube? I will link them all here: 

What are you all up to for Friday? I am filming two videos then hitting up Walmart to restock on some of my empty beauty products! 

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  1. wow cute outfit. those shoes really are adorable.and ur husband is a good photographer -s


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