White Sands Haircare Review

Today I am sharing a review on some White Sands Haircare products I received recently! This brand needs some more love.  I have been using the Orchid Bliss Shampoo and Conditioner and I have to say that I am really loving this duo! I usually never see any sort of difference with shampoo and conditioners in my hair - I kid you not! Sometimes, Shampoos with Argan Oil will make me super greasy so I avoid those but that's it.  My hair has been significantly softer since using these! 

I love that this formula doesn't make my hair feel heavy! The orchid complex fills in the cracks/damage of your hair and makes it really shiny and healthy.  I think my ombre even looks more vibrant. 

Orchid Shampoo // Orchid Conditioner (chose the smaller size)

This is a really special Leave in Conditioner! I personally always need a leave in because my hair gets tangly.  I love that this one has the same orchid ingredient as the shampoo and conditioner! It also has a special complex that targets the hair breakage directly, so it gives the weakest parts of you hair more care and treatment! 

The ER Fusion is an reconstructive treatment so if you have really damaged hair, you need this! You leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it out. It lasts for 30 days! Crazy right? It makes your hair super soft.  The Lemon Grass extracts enhance color with a high gloss.  

Porosity The Fix is "makeup for your hair" - basically it's an all-in-one spray to help with damage and increase the shine in your hair! It also controls frizz, detangles, helps with breakage and reduces split ends! I am a fan of multi-purpose hair products.  I would say this is best for thick hair types! 

I have been really enjoying these White Sands Haircare products! Thank you so much to White Sands for sending them my way to try out. I hope you all enjoyed this review!  

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