Blush Adidas Sneakers

Meet my new favorite sneakers! How pretty are these?! The pink/blush color is perfect! I was debating between these and the rose gold but these won! I'm a pink girl! I got these for my birthday and they're so comfortable too.  It's so cool that Adidas is making a comeback! I remember in elementary school I had an Adidas visor and I thought I was just the coolest girl ever! 

I am very into the whole "athleisure" trend that's been happening.  Basically, you can get away with wearing yoga pants or leggings when you go out! I'm here for it.  I love these leggings because they have a striped moto print, so it adds a bit more detail to the eye than just your average legging! Also a little tip, hide your butt by wrapping a denim jacket around your waist! Voila, instant layering piece and butt cover in one!

Today I am going to be filming a video on a new drugstore makeup brand for my YouTube channel! I absolutely love being able to make daily videos for you all.  I hope you have a happy hump day my sweet fam! XOXO


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