Pom Pom Dress and Straw Hat

Shake ya pom pom! How cute is this colorful dress? I love that it is under $30 (just incase it goes out of style next summer!) I think it would be great as a beach cover up but you can also wear it out (just make sure you wear shorts underneath like I am here, it's a little see through!) Nick (my husband) was not a fan of this hat LOL.  I thought it was cute so I kept it on for the photoshoot! Why do men in superhero tees think they know about fashion!? I bet all you girls can relate to this! 

I am dying to go to the beach this upcoming week! I have not had a chance to go yet and I want to take advantage of the fact that I live 5 minutes away and at least go once! You can tell because I am SO pasty (I do think pale skin is beautiful too). I used to get so tan from the sun during high school, now I am wearing hats to hide from the sun! Have you guys been to the beach yet?!

Happy FRIYAY everyone! Here's to a great weekend! I'll be shooting more blog photos! XOXO

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