Wet n' Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick Review

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing with you the new Wet N' Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks! Wet N' Wild released their first liquid lipsticks at the drugstore and I was so estatic to find them at Walgreens to test! These were on sale for $3.99 - what a steal! I hate dropping $20-$30 on a high end liquid lipstick in a color I won't wear too often.  That is why I love these - you can try out a bunch of different colors AND the formula is wonderful! These are very comparable to high end liquid lipsticks like Smashbox. This is even better than the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks!

These are so lightweight and feels like you are barely wearing anything.  They dry down quickly and do not suck all the moisture out of your lips like most liquid lippies tend to do (and I can't stand the feeling, I'm constantly licking my lips!) The lasting power didn't get me through my entire Christmas Eve Dinner but I did not mind reapplying once throughout the night if it meant non-dry lips!  The formula is also non-streaky upon application and pigmented! They apply so nicely!

I also love the wand because it has a pointed edge with a dip in the center! I like to use the point to line my lips and then the fat side to fill it in.  It makes applying them a breeze.

Nudist Peach

Nudie Patootie

Rebel Rose

Give Me Mocha

Coral Corruption

Missy and Fierce

Overall, I love these colors and honestly can't wait for more to come out soon! They are so pigmented and comfortable to wear.  I also love how inexpensive they are.  These are by far the best liquid lipstick you can find at the drugstore. Way to go Wet n' Wild on an awesome launch! 

Available in stores at Walgreens, $4.99 

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