Hard Candy Coconut Water Cooling Primer Stick Review

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect pore-filling primer! I'm a girl with oily skin and some texture, so any product that claims to reduce my pores, I'm on board to try.  I spotted this brand new Hard Candy Sheer Envy Coconut Water Cooling Primer Stick at Walmart and I was so excited to try this out.  The first thing I was thinking was could this be an affordable dupe for the new Milk Makeup Blur Primer Stick?! ($36, 1 oz) - you most likely have seen this all over the beauty community these past couple of weeks! The other product that came to mind instantly is the Marc Jacobs Coconut Water Primer ($44, 1oz)! I compared the ingredients and they are VERY similar, with a lot of the same ingredients.

This primer retails for only $8.00 at Walmart and you get 0.42 oz in the stick.  Can we also discuss how pretty is the blue/white ombre packaging?! It totally evokes that fresh, water feel! Onto ingredients, the 2nd ingredient in here is Coconut Water, so that means it has a huge concentration! It also includes Coconut Fruit Juice.  I also really was pleasantly surprised that the formula has Witch Hazel (for toning the skin) and Mushroom Extract (hydrates, illuminates and has anti-bacterial properties against acne).

I tried this primer in a Hard Candy product review yesterday (watch my video below to see!) and I absolutely LOVE the cooling affect it gives upon applying! It feels so wonderful and refreshing on my skin.  It definitely prepped my skin for foundation.  It has a no known scent really (just smells like a glue stick LOL) and my skin did not feel sticky after applying. I have never tried anything like this before! I think it definitely does blur your pores a bit! They didn't completely disappear (ummm can anything do that?!) but I did see a difference! My skin also felt very smooth and hydrated - but NOT greasy!

Overall, I absolutely love this product and Hard Candy gets major snaps for being innovative and coming out with a cool product like this at an affordable price! I think this would be great for those with dry skin (extra hydration!!) and also oily skin. While I haven't always loved everything I've tried from them (the Primer in the bottle is not good), this new Coconut Water Primer Cooling Stick is a MUST have for 2017 and I will be using this a ton in my makeup prep routine!

The Hard Candy Sheer Envy Coocnut Water Primer Stick is not available online yet! Go to your local Walmart and purchase!

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  1. Thanks for the thorough review! Cant wait to try this. I am looking for a dupe the Marc Jacobs under cover primer that I could blend together with foundation, this doesn't quite fit what I want. But I still can't wait to try it!


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