One Brand Makeup Tutorial: E.L.F. Cosmetics

I can't believe the 4 day thanksgiving weekend is coming to a close and it's back to another busy week tomorrow! I'm sad it's over but I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm a bit happy Thanksgiving is over! Today I wanted to show you a makeup tutorial using only one brand.  I am using all E.L.F. Cosmetics! I remember when E.L.F. first came on the scene and they only had the $1.00 line - everyone was hauling on YouTube - I will never forget the sensation! They have now grown so much and really expanded their product range.  Is everything a home run? Absolutely not.  But I do reach for a few of their products in my daily routine.

I love that E.L.F. is affordable and accessible! You can find it in every drugstore now and pretty much every clothing store.  I bought a lot of these items in the freestanding store at my mall, just because I like the experience of going there and exploring the brand - it's such a precious little storefront. 

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and let me know what your favorite E.L.F. product is! 

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