Maybelline The Graffiti Nudes Palette

Happy Tuesday to my beauties! Is it just me, or is Maybelline absolutely crushing the new releases at the drugstore? I am swooning over all the products they're coming out with (Color Jolt, Shine Shot, The Master Contour Stick)! Today I am talking about the new Maybelline Graffiti Nudes Palette.  When I saw this in the store, it popped out at me and I knew I wanted to try it out.  This is actually my first Maybelline palette purchase! They also have the original Nudes, Blush Nudes, Rock Nudes and now this colorful companion.

The fun pops of colors like bright pink, purple, emerald green along with the soft neutrals (to keep with the nude product namesake) is a really fun concept.  I also can't stop staring at how the writing on the front of the package is holographic! You get 12 eyeshadow in total, all shimmers with one matte shade. The palette costs $10, so this works out to about $1.20 per shadow.

As with most drugstore palettes, some shades are better than others. The matte black (3rd on top) is chalky and doesn't have that much pigmentation.  Same with the purple on the top row.

My favorite shade has to be the emerald green, which is actually more of a duo-chrome shade - oh hey gorgeous! My 2nd favorite is the 2nd to last shadow on the bottom row. It's an amber gold shade with a lot of pigmentation. I think it would be a nice pop on the center of the lid! My 3rd favorite is the taupe shade on the top row.  This reminds me of a lot of MAC Satin Taupe.  I love putting this in my outer V for a subtle smokey look!

I also heard that this palette has a new and improved formula from their other nude palettes.  Overall, this is a good drugstore palette if you want to have some bright options as well as some neutrals shades. Maybelline did a good job on combining some unique colors together.  I do think the formula of the shadows could use even more refining.

This palette is available exlusively at ULTA for a limited time.  Get it before it's gone!
$9.99, PURCHASE HERE (Maybelline is BOGO at ULTA right now!)

Top Row

Bottom Row

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