City Color Cosmetics Timeless Beauty Palette

I remember the first time I saw City Color Cosmetics was at the IMATs Tradeshow.  I couldn't believe how many nice products they had for such great prices! I discovered this Timeless Beauty Palette recently on their website and I just had to have it because it looked stunning.  I was looking for something similar to the Jaclyn Hill/Becca Cosmetics Champagne Glow Face Palette because I missed out on it and I am still regretting that I did not purchase it to this day! While the palette is not similar to Champagne Glow, it is similar to the Anastasia Sundipped Glow Kit!

The palette itself has a lot of weight to it and is really nice quality that I enjoy.  The gold case and cute cover add a nice touch! On the inside, there is a huge mirror that takes up the top of the palette - LOVE!

I was surprised when I received the palette because the highlight shades were a bit darker than I expected from the photo on the website.  I have pretty fair skin so I think they will be too dark on my skintone.  However, these would be so perfect on a darker skin tone! I may actually use them as a blush topper.  When you swatch them, they feel buttery soft and smooth! They have a creamy powder feeling.

There is a nice range of blush shades here (Left to Right): apricot (my favorite!), a muted rose pink, lavender pink and a peachy pink shade. They all have a very slight amount of shimmer to them and have a decent pigmentation. On the bottom we have the highlighters (Left to Right): a "dirty" gold, a darker pink and a taupe shade which I am eyeing to use as an eyeshadow! They have a shimmer overlay which comes off after you apply/swatch.

Blush Swatches:

Highlighter Swatches:

Overall, I think this is a really nice face palette.  My Champagne Glow dupe dreams were not met but I will still use this! I think darker skintones would really like the Timeless Beauty Palette. At $24.99, the price seems a bit high (that's $3.57 per pan), but you are getting a good variety of shades in here and the palette itself is nice quality (it's not cardboard!) 

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