New York Color Demi Lovato Lovatics Palette

I got a bunch of coupons in the mail today and I noticed one for the NYC Demi Lovato eye palette! I knew I was going to Target so I decided to check cartwheel and sure enough there was 20% off the Demi Palette - yesss! I love double discounts! So I basically got this guy for $5.00! I wore two of the colors today and I must say I was very impressed.  The pigmentation is great except for the black shadow.  From the photos, you can see it's chalky and barely showed up.  No biggie since I rarely use the black shadows!  I always get a little bit ehhhhh as I am trying out drugstore shadow palettes because you never know how great the quality is going to be but NYC definitely did a good job! In the Lovatics Collection there were also two lip and cheek tints.

This is definitely modeled after the Urban Decay Naked palettes -  it almost seems like a combination of all of them but specifically 2 and 3.  I absolutely LOVE the Naked palettes and use them every week and they are totally worth your coins.  If you didn't want to invest, this is a fabulous drugstore dupe! This set is compromised of 12 nude shades with mostly shimmers and a couple of mattes!

Don't mind my wonky sticker opening here! It was hard to get the dang thing off ;p

I am such a sucker for those first two shimmery neutral lid colors!

You can see here how chalky that 2nd to last black shade is. 

Overall I really like this palette! It's a great dupe for Urban Decay Naked Palette if you don't feel like spending over $50 on that one.   At $6.99, this is a fraction of the cost. I think the pigmentation is really nice and the colors are pretty smooth to the touch.  

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