DIY Wedding or Home Centerpieces - Rustic Shabby Chic Twine Jars

There's nothing I love more than D.I.Y. Wedding Decor! I think there is something so special about creating your own projects and showcasing them on your special day.  I made all the jars for my wedding centerpieces and I loved knowing that I had my own personal touch on every single table.  Also, at the end of the night we let our guests take them home! I love that people could keep the jars forever and put any flowers they wanted in them! My family members also have a bunch for keepsakes - I love seeing them every time I go over!

A look at my wedding tables: 

Lace & Pearls: 

Twine, Lace and Jewels:

Burlap and Lace:

I wanted to do a simple D.I.Y. for a girl on a budget who wants to create her own wedding centerpieces! Of course, you can keep these as a table centerpieces for your house or apartment like I currently do. :) 

What you will need: 

Mini Glue Gun
Mini Glue Sticks (and I mean ... a LOT! I went through like 20 of these!)
Giant ball of Jute/Twine (Home Depot has a good deal here!
Milk Jars here

Watch the tutorial here:

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