New Incoco Nail Polish Strips High Tea Florals Collection

I have been wearing my Incoco Nail Strips non-stop for months! If you're a busy mom or just a YouTuber/blogger who can't be bothered waiting for your nails to dry (raises hand) and you don't like gel then you will LOVE these! I usto love doing nail art but I honestly ran out of patience and can't sit still anymore! These totally help to fulfill that nail art craving AND I don't have to feel bad about removing it because I didn't spend hours creating the designs! 

Their new High Tea Floral Collection features vintage floral nail art inspired by English rose gardens, high tea and all things spring! These designs look so realistic and intricate.  I always get asked if I did them myself! Incoco kindly sent me four appliques to try out (I already wore Velvet Petals before I took these photos because I am so excited!) Here are some step by steps on how to apply them, it's super easy: 

Step 1: Use the Nail Prep Pad to clean and dehydrate the nail. Don't skip this step! It helps the strips adhere better because the nail will be more dry and they will last longer.

Step 2: Figure out which sizes will fit your nails and line them up. The shape of the appliques always fit my nails really nicely and I never have trouble finding a size! 

Step 3: Peel off the plastic that lays on top of the design first

Step 4: Peel the nail polish strip from the backing

Step 5: Fit the nail strip on top of your nail and stretch it gently from one edge of the nail to the other. Press down! 

Step 6: Pull the excess over the edge of your nail

Step 7: File the excess applique

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial on how to apply Incoco Nail Polish Strips! They are one of my holy grail products and honestly a lifesaver ;)

Available on the Incoco Website, $8.99

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