alessandro C.C. Polish Collection

Hi everyone! I am so sorry for my brief absence from my blog! I travelled to Orlando for the Premiere Tradeshow nd then Germany for  a work conference.  I was so exhausted and jet lagged when I returned! I am finally back and need to get back on my review game ;) Today I have for you the new alessandro C.C. Polish Collection! These are so interesting because they took the concept of B.B. and C.C. Creams from foundations and put that into 4 nail polishes.   These are also packed with great ingredients to help strengthen your nails!

• Regenerating Omega 3, 6 & 9 oils 
• Keratin to strengthen weakened nails 
• Encapsulated colour pigments to cover blemished nails 

Most importantly, these 4 flattering nude polishes are formulated with a safe '5 Free' formula'.  

White Chocolate - The lightest shade in the collection and one of my favorites! Out of the two light shades, this is the more pink one.  Such a stunning, opaque nude! The name is also perfect!

Latte Macchiato - This is the 2nd "light" nude shade and it leans more yellow/tan.  I think this looked the best on my skintone!

Mousse Au Chocolat - This is a nice light caramel shade.  Here in the sunlight:

In the shade:

Finally, the darkest shade in the collection is Mocha

Overall, I think this collection has a gorgeous nude shade for everyones skin type! I love that this beauty trend has transferred over to nail polish! Much like the B.B. and C.C. Foundations, so genius that these polishes go above and beyond your typical nude polish because they actually have care benefits! These are my new favorite nudes! The application was creamy and they applied fairly easily :)

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