How to Get the Perfect Long Lasting Manicure & Favorite Nail Tools!

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite products for prepping my nails for a manicure and getting your nails looking perfect!!  I am kind of obsessed with grooming my nails - sometimes doing it for an hour and forgetting that I have to actually POLISH them as well! :) I never go to the salon to get my nails done because I honestly just love doing my own and prepping them to my liking.  It also doesn't hurt that I own more manicure tools and nail polish than an actual salon has! ;)

I filmed a video tutorial on my channel, so you can see how I get my nails looking pretty before I polish them in action! Check it out: 

Two of my favorite tools: Grip N' Snip Spiral Nipper and Pushy! The Grip N' Snip is unlike any other nipper out there! It's super comfy and ergonomic in your hands. Just a few gentle pushes on the fun coil-like handles and you'll instantly become addicted! (Just don't pick too much skin and hurt yourself!) It's hard for me to go back to my other "regular handle" nippers after using this one. 

Super luxurious and one of my favorite hand creams! It smells like strawberries and cake.  It's also great to apply everyday because it has ingredients that are meant for anti-aging such as Pearl Protein, Vitamin A, Grape Seed and Mulberry Extract! Gotta fight those hand wrinkles - start early! ;)

alessandro Pro White Glitter is an optical whitener - so it's not going to permanently help whiten your nails but give the illusion that your nails are not yellow!  This version of Pro white has glitter in it so it's really pretty for a soft, cinderella princess look.  

Products Used (some of my favorites!):

Tweezerman Sapphire Crystal Nail File:

Tweezerman Grip N' Snip Spiral Spring Cuticle Nipper:

Tweezerman Half Moon Pushy:

Tweezerman Nail Brush:

alessandro Cuticle Remover:

alessandro NailSpa Mango Serum:

alessandro Cream Rich Hand Cream:

alessandro Pro White Glitter Effect Polish:

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